Ridgeview Industries produces an expanded range of interior, drive train, body structure, suspension, chassis and brake components for the global automotive community and metal components for the office furniture, electrical, wind energy and appliance industries. This illustration is designed to give you a representative sampling of the components and assemblies we produce for global customers.

  • 1. Hitch Assembly
  • 2. Sill Attachment Bracket
  • 3. Brake Shoes
  • 4. Brush Shield
  • 5. Bumper Mounting Brackets
  • 6. Brake Booster Shells
  • 7. Hood Spring Assist Assembly
  • 8. Engine Cover Bracket
  • 9. Side Rail Roof Reinforcement
  • 10. Head Rest Assembly
  • 11. Frame Extension
  • 12. Seat Pivot Rail
  • 13. Foot Bracket Rear Seat
  • 14. Seat Reinforcement
  • 15. Dust Shield
  • 16. ABS Module Bracket
  • 17. Front Impact Beam
  • 18. Bend Tearing Sheet
  • 19. Roof Rail
  • 20. Seat Frame Components
  • 21. Seat Adjustment Level
  • 22. Drawer Sides & Rail
  • 23. Office Partition Rails
  • 24. Bearing Cage
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